[Part 1] A fun chat about the UEFA Euro2020 football championship, with Luke Thompson (Luke’s English Podcast), Martin Johnston (Rock N’ Roll English) and Zdenek Lukas (Zdenek’s English Podcast), with a special prize giveaway!

00:00 Warning: This is a conversation about football! (Sorry to all non-football fans)
00:44 Start
08:07 Meet Zdenek
09:22 Meet Martin

20:54 Giveaway Competition details. Prizes to be won!
To enter the giveaway competition just enter your email address using the Google form (link below). We’ll randomly pick 3 email addresses. Those 3 people will be the winners, and each person will receive a prize from Martin, Zdenek and Luke. Deadline for entries: 12pm CET 6 July 2021.
Google form to enter the competition https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZ_R5SGjo-EVrUX9ke5tPehdJtBokCoMyzJRaAAPKbrfLd4Q/viewform
We will only use your email addresses for this competition, and not for any marketing or any other purpose.

The prizes
Martin’s prize: Free access to the Rock & Roll English Family for 1 month.
Zdenek’s prize: Free entry to Zdenek’s English through Role Plays course.
Luke’s prize: An LEP Mug, signed by Luke.

23:52 Football discussion continues (for quiebro a long time)

Find out more details about Martin, Zdenek and their podcasts here https://wp.me/p4IuUx-p2M