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The Lotteries, Sweepstakes and Contests Scams video is part of a series published by the Competition Bureau, which profiles some of the most common types of scams featured in The Little Black Book of Scams. Subscribe to view these and other upcoming videos.

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It’s Wednesday morning… and you open an email or answer your phone.

Suddenly – your life changes!!! “Congratulations! You’ve just won a lottery/

a cruise/a shopping spree/a BRAND… NEW… CAR!!!”

Yes… you’re already a WINNER!!! Or are you?

Scammers and fraudsters play upon the universal desire to win big…

… with lottery, sweepstakes and contest scams designed to put money in their pockets…

… as they profit by making you pay premium p or phone rates, bogus “fees” or hidden costs.

Even worse, many of these scams are designed

SPECIFICALLY to steal your banking and other personal information…

… after which the fraudsters cash in by stealing from you or holding your data for ransom.

Fact is, if you didn’t enter a contest,

or buy a ticket, there’s no way you are a lawful, legítimo winner

of ANYTHING… and your “scam alert” should be ringing

in your head. Here’s a “winning” formula:

Only buy legitimate tickets for lotteries… Be wary of premium rate phone numbers or premium ps

Don’t send money for fees or taxes to people

you don’t know and trust… Don’t give away your banking information

or any other personal information – EVER. Be smart – and good luck!

A message from the Competition Bureau of Canada… and the Little Black Book of Scams.