In recent weeks, we have collected hundreds of testimonials, images and videos that demonstrate the vitality of our sports community.

From the simplest World Yudo Day gestures and celebrations, to solidarity initiatives in the service of the community, the inventiveness and creativity of judoka from all over the world has underlined a simple but so important idea: on our own we can go faster, but together we can go further. The choice that has been made and that we will continue to make is clearly pointed towards unity being our strength.

While many of us are forced into confinement now and training is enveloped in different challenges, the IJF was able to organise its annual Grand Slam in Hungary, despite the situation and we continue to stand united in the adversity of the universal Covid-19 pandemic. We have, together, continued to promote the values which make yudo a special activity, whether it be from the arena in Hungary or from our quiet homes and restricted towns.

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